Macro balanced Meal Plans to reach your goals

simple seasonal recipes & meal plans to help your whole family reach their goals


The Macro Meal Method is a collection of intentionally balanced recipes that check all the boxes to help you reach your wellness & weight goals.

  • Macro balanced
  • Family-friendly
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Gluten-Free
  • YUMMY!

No more decision-making fatigue figuring out what to make & eat
No more tracking everything you eat in an app to try to reach your goals
No more cooking separate meals just because everyone in your house has different goals

I’m Jenna Waters

a Registered Dietitian, wife, and mom of 4

I created Macro Meals to help people reach their body composition goals with a massive amount of simplicity.

Our simple + proven method

  • 1 | ASSESS

    To know where we're going, we first have to know where we're at! Get started with the best ways to measure body composition, inflammation, and wellness.

  • 2 | SET GOALS

    Based on your measures, we will set specific, realistic, and measurable goals to decrease body fat, build lean muscle, and minimize inflammation.


    Food is fundamental to reaching your goals! Our plan walks you through step-by-step how to build a structured weekly plan to best fit your goals and lifestyle.


    Sustained wellness isn't a solo act, so we'll discuss how to make this work with everyone under your roof, no matter what their goal is (or isn't).


    Beginning with a clean slate is key! We will start refreshed and ready with all the resources to help you start & stay successful.


    Experience reaching your goals with a structured (and flexible) plan, built around YOUR life, that brings simplicity and joy along the way!

Macro Meal Plan

Plan | Prep | Shop

  • Recipe library with filters for personal preferences
  • Adjusting servings for easy prep
  • Click-n-Drag Meal Planner
  • Shopping List Generator


  • "The Macro Meal Method has made it easy to create balanced meals to reach my goals. The recipes are great for meal planning as they are portioned to create multiple servings. The variety of recipes and the healthy ingredients within ensure I am getting the nutrition I was missing before. This has me feeling great even while losing weight!"

    Chris, 37

  • "I LOVE your website....Everything is delicious and easy to make. It is already helping me in my quest of not letting myself get so hungry!!"

    Betsy, 63

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Simplify & Enjoy Food While Reaching your Goals

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