About Us


I’m Jenna Waters!

As a Registered Dietitian & mama of 4 babes, I created Macro Meals to help you and your people reach body composition goals simply, with amazing food and meals that will bring your family together around the table.


The Macro Meals is a collection of intentionally created seasonal recipes that, when pieced together according to your individual plan, will help you reach your ideal body composition goals in the healthiest (and tastiest) way possible.

…No more tracking macros on an app. (that’s not life-giving)

…No more decision-fatigue about what to cook for dinner, then wonder if it fits your macros, and still have to make a separate meal for the kids

…No more bland grilled chicken, sweet potatoes and broccoli on repeat because you don’t know what else to eat to reach your goals


Each recipe contains a perfect balance of all 3 macronutrients; carbs, protein, and fat with high quality ingredients.

All recipes are gluten-free, anti-inflammatory, have no added refined sugars, and contain nutrient-dense ingredients with vitamins & minerals from real food sources.

And, the best part? Macro Meals are family-friendly with the foods we all love and crave, just perfected with taste and wellness in mind.

Our hope is that these meal plans & recipes help you simplify, and enjoy these delicious recipes gathered alongside the people you love… the place where true nourishment is found.


  • First and foremost…bringing families together around the table with food and fellowship to nourish bodies and hearts
  • Good food…really good food….that is filling, nutrient dense, and something everyone can enjoy
  • Relieving the stress that surrounds food, so that you are free to spend your energy on other things